fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Hitting the Reset Button

As I am sure I have mentioned before, I tend to think of September as the beginning of the year, what with umpty ump years of school, the High Holidays and, of course, my birthday.

This, plus a particularly high level of chaos at work, has me in reset mode. I am trying not to do too much at one time so I don't get burned out. Top priority is getting paperwork sorted out. So far I have found a check from late April, as well as way too many begging letters. (If a charity sends me 3 letters in one week, I will deduct 30% from any amount I was contemplating giving them.)

This will not be helped by having pretty much every weekend for the foreseeable future committed, along with the risk of a short notice business trip.
Tags: decluttering

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