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In Which I Do Little But Twist Fiber

This will be brief, as I am thoroughly swamped between work and a few projects right now.

Celebrity Death Watch: Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi was pretty much the founder of new age Judaism. Edouard Shevardnadze was a Soviet foreign minister and became the president of Georgia, a role he continued in through much of the 1990’s.

Long Weekend: I actually stayed in town for the Fourth of July weekend. Admittedly, that is mostly because I had been away the weekend before and I’m leaving on another vacation next weekend. I had all sorts of grand plans for catching up on household odds and ends. I got a few things done, but mostly I read and caught up on sleep. The catch is that I screwed up my normal sleep cycle in the process, so I am now more exhausted than I might otherwise be.

Sprang: On Sunday, I drove to Alexandria to take a class at the Art League on sprang. This is a fiber technique I had vaguely heard of before, but really had no idea what it entails. It turns out to be more related to weaving than to other things, though it involves only a warp and no weft. You pretty much make the loom yourself, using a picture frame, dowels, strings, barbecue skewers, velcro, and twist ties. It was difficult to get started (possibly because, unlike the two other women in the class, I have no weaving experience), but once I did (with lots of help from the instructor) it was pretty straightforward and enjoyable. I ended up with a small drawstring bag. And, of course, I bought the gear for doing more of it, though Lord only knows will find the time.

I also managed to make a crucial wrong turn when trying to take what should have been a shorter route home. This will not surprise anybody who is familiar with my sense of direction, but I will still blame Virginia road signage.
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