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I've been working on a relatively annoying project for a few weeks now. My (customer) boss asked me to follow it because, even though our organization doesn't have a lot of equities in the outcome, it has some political implications for our senior leaders. One outcome of the project so far resulted in an article in the industry press.

My (corporate) boss has a weekly staff meeting, done largely by teleconference since most of us are at customer sites most of the time. So, today, I was explaining what was behind the story. And this other guy in our group kept jumping in and making comments about it, based on the not entirely accurate article. It took all of my self-restraint not to reach through the phone lines and strangle him.

Hint: if I have been at meetings on a subject nearly every day for a month and have read every draft of a letter that went out, I might just know a little bit more about what's going on than you can learn from the open press.

Of course, I then went off to another meeting on the same project which was remarkable largely for sheer vitriol and lack of cooperation. I need to climb into a bubble bath and read a very trashy novel.
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