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You may (but probably don't) recall that a couple of years ago one of my goals involved sending entries in for the Washington Post Style Invitational. I accomplished that, but didn't get any ink out of them. Since then, I have sent in an entry now and again, though infrequently. Because it takes time and thought, which are commodities in short supply today.

Last night, as part of pre-vacation preparations, I opened a bunch of mail from the past week and a half or so. And I found a loser magnet (the "Puns of Steel" one). That's what you get for an honorable mention, though I believe I should technically have gotten the pine air freshener ("fir stink") for first ink.

At any rate, I got ink!

(And, yes, I know nobody else on the planet is as excited about this as I am.)
Tags: goals, puns

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