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Books about organizing often say that one should never have a filing category labeled "miscellaneous." You are supposed to, instead, actually make more folders or just get rid of stuff or something else that I don’t understand. My goal is to have just one "miscellaneous" file. Consider this entry the electronic equivalent.

Celebrity Death Watch: Mary Stewart wrote romantic suspense. Jerry Vale was a singer. And Jeb Stuart Magruder was a Watergate conspirator. Most of the obituaries I saw omitted his middle name, but it is how I think of him. I have to admit to feeling vaguely guilty about not having paid enough attention to Watergate at the time, but I was a teenager and the crush du jour was always a higher priority in those days.

Dinner at Jaleo: I went out for dinner at Jaleo in Crystal City on Friday night with friends from flyertalk. We ate all sorts of good things, as one does at a tapas place. And I drank sherry, as I do when eating tapas. The service, however, was underwhelming. There were a dozen or so of us at a long table and we had sort of ordered in groups of 4. The waiter auctioned off dishes, not making any attempt to get things near the part of the table that had ordered them. Several people got talked into ordering the strawberry ice cream for dessert and got raspberry sorbet first, though it was corrected afterwards. (This did not impact me – I am a coffee and brandy person with such a meal.) Still, the food was tasty and the conversation was enjoyable.

Story Swap: This month’s story swap was Saturday night. I would normally have taken metro since it was in the city, but there was the inevitable weekend track work on the Orange Line, so I drove. Surprisingly, I did not get lost and found parking quite close by. The swap was fun, with a good mix of stories and several newcomers, most of whom just listened.

Knitting Group: I don’t get any knitting or crocheting done other than at knitting group lately. So, despite the great weather on Sunday, I did go for a couple of hours and crocheted a couple of afghan squares.

Dream Geography: I spend a lot of time in my dreams on trains. But dream geography does not match real world geography. For example, in a recent dream, I was taking a train north from California to Canada but ended up in Brazil. I wonder how many frequent flyer miles I would get for that routing.

Shoe Failure: I had a catastrophic shoe failure at work today. The front seam on my right shoe just disintegrated. I suppose that is a lot better than other things that could fail, since someone at the office had a stroke last week. But it is still annoying.
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