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Cannibalism and Necropihilia - a quote

This is from Consuming Passions: The Anthropology of Eating by Peter Farb and George Armelagos. The incident described took place in New Guinea, though the book is not more precise about where and when, and is discussed in the context of cannibalism as a means to vent anger and hostility against enemies. Apparently, sexual abuse of corpses was also common.

"One man was seen to copulate with a young woman who had just been killed. His kinswoman impatiently began cutting out the corpse's belly while he was so intent on copulaton that he did not notice how close the knife had come. Slicing into the belly and then hacking downward towards the vagina, she cut off the tip of the man's penis, removed it, nonchalantly popped it into her mouth and ate it, with scarcely a pause in the process of butchering."

There just isn't anything to say to a description like that. (Most of the book is far tamer, though often equally interesting.)
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