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First, the obvious celebrity death to write about is Ariel Sharon’s. His politics were complex and there is certainly a lot to criticize, regardless of where you stand. But I think he set a good example of proving that one’s views can evolve.

Some people have the habit of choosing a word to define each year. So far, alas, 2014’s word is fatigue. I had barely recovered from the jet lag of my trip to Barcelona and Andorra, when I went to Los Angeles on a business trip. There were long days of work, which was tedious and detailed, without any real mental break time. And it is rare for me to get great quality sleep in hotels, since it is hard to optimize the room temperature and I have about a one degree tolerance for sleep temperature. On the plus side, it was about 8 degrees out when I left home and in the high 60’s in L.A. Not that I got to see any sunshine, since we were working so bloody many hours a day.

I also got to go to Community Storytellers on Thursday night. There was a good turn out and it was fun to see people I see infrequently (and meet a few others). I came home on Saturday (yes, Saturday, having worked until nearly 8 at night on Friday) and was, therefore, able to go to the Voices in the Glen story swap. That was particularly fun as we had a visiting Korean teller, who told a story she had learned from her grandmother.

About all I was able to do on Sunday was grocery shop and read part of the newspaper. And nap. I did call my mother to wish her a happy 80th birthday and was glad she liked the flowers I had sent. I do wish she would have taken a picture of them for me, but she insists she doesn’t know how to work a camera.

And now there is still more work to finalize our briefing from last week’s work. I did get out on Monday night, to have a restaurant week dinner at West End Bistro with flyertalk friends. In the interests of being less boring about drinking, I had something called Impeachment, which included peach liqueur and prosecco and was, surprisingly, not too sweet. As for food, the beet and barley salad, pan roasted bass with fennel and mushrooms, and molted chocolate cake with pistachio ice cream were all good. Everyone else seemed happy with their meals, too. The best part of flyertalk conversations is that I come away convinced I am not all that crazy with my travel obsessions, given that other people may be crazier.

I will be more interesting when I’ve caught up on sleep. That should be somewhere in 2017 or so.
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