fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Good Intentions - Christmas Card Edition

I had planned to crochet a whole bunch of little snowflakes and enclose them with my Christmas cards this year. For people in warm climates, they would be a nice way to have a white Christmas. For people in cold climates, they would be snow that did not have to be shoveled. These would also be accompanied by a long chatty but not bragful letter. And, of course, it would have all been mailed in time for the cards to arrive yesterday or today.

I am slightly more than halfway through writing Christmas cards. The first batch got mailed yesterday and the second batch this morning. There are no crocheted snowflakes. Nor is there an annual letter.

I did, however, write a line or two on every card, instead of just signing my name. That counts for something, right?
Tags: holidailies, holidays, life in general

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