fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Two More Parties

I was too exhausted to get around to posting yesterday. It seems like age is catching up with me and I can no longer focus enough to review 8437 pages of documents in 3 days, while also doing a half dozen other work tasks. On the other hands, my instincts on some things remain sharp and I anticipated almost word for word some of the things my great-grandboss was going to say today when we prepped him for a meeting he has tomorrow.

Anyway, last night was the holiday shindig for the Artisphere yarn bomb. It was just a cheese and crackers and cookies type of thing, but the point was the people. It was good to see folks I had knitted and crocheted with for months. Rumor has it that there may be some other public yarn art project in our future.

Today was the holiday potluck at work. I'd baked rolls for it the other night. I discovered that almond milk does not have the same bread-softening effect that real milk does. That isn't actually a problem, as there is nothing wrong with crusty rolls, but is useful to know.

My grandboss gave everybody multi-tools. Apparently that is his way of saying we are useful.
Tags: holidailies, party, work

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