fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Two Parties

Saturday's party was with my Chavurah (Jewish group, in this case, essentially social), which did a post-Chanukah latke and kugel cook-off and tchotchke exchange. I made noodle kugel, because it's faster than grating potatoes for latkes. And my mother's latke recipe is so good it would be unfair to the competition anyway. Not that there was real competition, as everyone who brought latkes or kugel got a small prize (a magnetic memo pad). A lot of people brought other things, either salads or desserts. As for the tchotchke exchange, I got rid of a fragrance diffuser thingie that I'd gotten in some white elephant gift exchange at work and ended up with a cup kooshie filled with dark chocolate.

Sunday night was the annual condo association party. It felt less crowded than usual. I did my token appearance to grab a glass of wine and some food and say hello to a few people. Most significant trivia is that Scottish neighbor was not there at all, never mind wearing his kilt.

And I came back upstairs and my internet was out, so I am posting this late.
Tags: holidailies, party

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