fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Bazaar Day

I have never really grasped the whole souvenir shopping thing. Experiences are far more valuable than things, in my opinion. Combined with my on-going efforts to declutter my life, I limit my purchases.

However, I love real markets and there is sort of a running joke about my photos of fish. So the Egyptian bazaar, aka the Spice Bazaar, was worth a look.

I also went to the Grand Bazaar, which is wonderful for its architecture and irritating for its touts. Hint: tourists probably don't want to buy socks. (Actually, I have bought socks at border crossings to get rid of non-convertible currency, but that is different.)

Me being me, I was prepared with a map to Kurcu Han Bufe, which has a yarn bazaar. There was a lot of cheap acrylic, but there was some decent wool, too. And yarn is useful for cushioning fragile things in your luggage.

Remember. When you buy yarn in another country, it's not stash, it's souvenir.

P.S. I did also buy a couple of silk scarves. So I didn't completely fail tourist 101
Tags: crafts, frafts, holidailies, travel

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