fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Random Thoughts of the Day

1) At a little after 3 this afternoon, my boss asked for a background paper on an issue, saying he needed it by the end of the day tomorrow. I got a draft done by about 4:30, thanks to having been at a meeting yesterday which, supplemented by strategic news googling, covered what he needed to know. A pretty good rule of thumb in Washington is that if somebody is asking who said what in the press, there must have been a recent news story on it somewhere. But, damn, I'm good!

2) Speaking of that meeting yesterday, it occurs to me to mention one way my work environment is probably different from yours. I had previously noticed that the stalls in the women's bathrooms at the Pentagon have number signs on them. But it wasn't until yesterday that I noticed that the sinks are also numbered.

3) I felt like doing something after work today, so went to see "Be Kind, Rewind." It wasn't nearly as funny as it should have been. I'll also note that the reviews I'd seen pretty much misrepresented a lot of the movie, so pat of the problem may have been my expectations. I should have waited to see it on an airplane.

4) Speaking of airplanes, why are fares to Seattle so bloody high? I'm contemplating going there for 4th of July weekend, but not if it will cost me 700 bucks.
Tags: movies, travel, work

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