fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

3rd Quarter Update

I have various odds and ends to write about, but I wanted to make sure to get my quarterly review done first.

  • I made little progress on travelogues, largely because I am having computer issues. I am reasonably sure the problem is fixable, but that requires actual time to take it to the shop.

  • I did make some progress on organizing my finances. I went through a bunch of receipts, shredding ones I didn’t need, filed some statements, and stacked up other things to work on. I’d guess I am about 20 percent of the way towards where I intended to be. That’s better than nothing.

  • I did less for The Butterfly Project than I’d expected to, but I have done some odds and ends towards a couple of charity afghans. However, half a sweater seems to have disappeared in my house. (I am reasonably sure it is somewhere in my den, aka the Black Hole of Vienna.)

  • I made it through maybe another 20 pages through the New Testament. I need to step up on this a bit.

  • I watched 5 more Oscar winning movies, bringing me up to 14. So I’ve actually exceeded one goal.

  • I didn’t manage to add any minor league games. Twice I had tentative plans and they got rained out. So I only managed two for the year, not three, but I will declare victory on the grounds that I don’t control the weather.

  • I added three more Volksmarch baseball events, so I have 11 left to go. This will take a bit of a push, but is achievable.


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