fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Products I Don't Get and, Therefore, Won't Get

I haven't done any product mockery in a while. But I have been saving clippings for that purpose and clearing them out will sort of count as house cleaning, right?

I have no right to criticize Smithfield Spirals since I don't eat ham, but why would a meat product come in caramel apple and pecan praline flavors?

I also have never had a dog, so really have no clue as to whether this makes sense, but I thought dogs are carnivores. So shouldn't dog snacks taste of meat, not of yams or PBJ? And what is the difference between the "yam" and "yam good" flavors?

Then there are scents for air freshener. I thought that opening a window was the way to freshen the air, but I do understand that isn't really a viable option if you live in, say, New Jersey. But do you really want your home to smell of creme brulee, chocolate covered cherries, or red velvet cake unless you have prepared one of those items and, therefore, have the end product available to eat? I, for one, am not about to start eating Renuzit.
Tags: product mockery

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