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Holiday Party Wrap-Up

I am done with holiday parties for this year. While I have an invitation to one tomorrow night, I have too much to catch up on to spend the time driving an hour and a half each way.

The first was my condo complex party, which was mostly a drop in and chat with a neighbors and eat type of deal. It's livelier when my Scottish neighbor wears his kilt, but, alas, not this year.

Then came a potluck at work last week, for which I made chocolate rum cheesecake. There was, of course, way too much food and a surprising amount of alcohol. The only problem is that our office layout is not easily conducive to socializing. We don't all fit in the large conference room, so we end up scattered in small groups in a few rooms. At least people didn't go and hide back in their cubicles, which has happened at some of my previous jobs. (There was actually a second potluck this week for my organization, since we are scattered at two sites, but I had a meeting which conflicted with it.)

My previous organization does a lunch out. We went to La Tasca and ate massive quantities of tapas. There are other tapas places I like better (notably Jaleo for local ones, though my favorite is still El Molino in London) but this is good value. And it was a chance to see several people I had not seen in some time, including my former boss.

Last night, there was a party for the Arlington Yarn Bomb project. The essence of that was knit, crochet, eat. The food was not super exciting, but the company was good. There were prize drawings, but I didn't win anything.

Finally, my corporate potluck was today. Again, there was way too much food, though (oddly) only one chocolate dessert. This one involved a white elephant gift exchange. My contribution was a Sheldon Cooper bobblehead doll. I ended up with a scent diffuser, which is perfect for regifting next year. Regifting is a time-honored tradition there and our vice president ended up with the traditional pink footie pajamas.

At home, I finished writing cards. Since Chanukah ended this past Saturday, I can consider myself officially done with the holiday season. Excapt, of course, for Holidailies.
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