fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Seasonal Stress

I was going to write a real entry last night, but LJ was being flaky and I am too busy to fuss with it. So you are getting a brief note this morning and will get something more substantial tonight.

That being too busy has something to do with the holiday season, but as much to do with the end of the secular year. The seasonal part is the need to: 1) finish making something a friend commissioned (which is going well, but still takes work) and 2)get cards written and mailed. I also realized that the potluck next week is complicated by my having another party to go to (this one related to the Artisphere Yarn Bomb project) the night before.

I also have all the end of year begging letters to sort through, plus a massive amount of filing I have been ignoring. If I were staying in town, there would be lots of time to do all that. But if I were staying in town, I wouldn't be me.
Tags: calendar, holidailies, life in general

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