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We have a potluck holiday party at work tomorrow. I've just baked my notorious chocolate rum cheesecake for it. (The recipe is at the bottom of the entry, after a couple of other cake recipes.) It's always gone over well and looks a lot more difficult than it is. That is especially true in this decadent era when one can buy graham cracker crumbs instead of having to start with graham crackers.

But I have another potluck to go to next week (at my corporate office; tomorrow is at my customer office) and I don't really feel like making the same thing twice. My standard appetizer for some time has been fresh spring rolls, which I fill with a mixture of cole slaw, tofu, carambola (star fruit), and cilantro. While I do still have a bunch of spring roll wrappers, mostly because I misunderstood how many were in the package, they're actually a bit of work. As is Moroccan orange and radish salad, which would also require finding the time to get over to Penzey's because I would need orange blossom water for it. (It is basically orange sections and sliced radishes, sprinkled with orange blossom water and a little bit of cinnamon. Sectioning oranges is still a pain.)

I think I baked bread last year, so I don't want to do that again. Doing a hot dish is impractical from a transportation standpoint. I'm actually contemplating quiche, as dated as it seems, on the grounds that it is easy to make and easy to transport. It would also use up the cream left over from the cheesecake. But if I do that, should I do mini quiches or just a normal pie plate sized one? The former would be more practical but the latter would be easier. And what filling to use? I am thinking asparagus, but can I get decent asparagus this time of year?

Obviously, decision making is not my strong point.
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