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Before getting to the topic du jour, I realized I forgot to mention one thing in yesterday's write-up of the Star Mega Do. Namely, United offered an interesting challenge to participants, with 10,000 bonus miles for any of us who fly to or connect through 20 unique destinations in the first three months of 2013. At a practical level, that isn't really a huge bonus, but it is exactly the sort of obsessive counting type of challenge that appeals to me. So expect some early year mileage running.

Anyway, I spent much of yesterday running errands (e.g. getting my car serviced and picking up books from a friend's house), as well as trying to get caught up on housework. This morning was occupied with laundry and the newspaper. But, in the afternoon, I went to Signature Theatre to see Dreamgirls.

The show, which is very loosely based on the story of The Supremes, is one that is highly dependent on the performances. Nova Payton was stunning as Effie White, the belter who is forced out of the group, the Dreams, as the singers (and their songwriter, who happens to be Effie's brother) are manipulated by their manager, Curtis Taylor. Curtis was ably played by Sydney James Harcourt, who came across as suave and cool and somehow likeable despite being such a snake. The other notable performance was by Cedric Neal as Jimmy "Thunder" Early, another singer whose career has its ups and down's at the hands of Taylor's ambition. Throw in a lively Motown influenced score (albeit, with somewhat weak lyrics) and an amazing number of costume changes and it made for a very enjoyable afternoon.

I should also note that I think Payton is destined for bigger stages. This is the fourth production at Signature I have seen her in and I continue to be more and more impressed.

After the show, I drove home in time for the annual holiday party at my condo complex. They always do a good job with the refreshments and this year was no exception. To answer the burning question I am sure you are all dying to know, my Scottish neighbor opted for jeans this year, instead of his kilt. Oh, well, at least I had Sydney James Harcourt as eye candy in the afternoon.
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