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Quick Business Travel Note

I am in Colorado Springs for a meeting. This is mildly annoying since: 1) I am missing the Pro Musica Hebraica concert tomorrow night, 2) since my friend, Marcia, moved up to Denver, nobody is scouting out decent restaurants here for me, and 3) business travel is just annoying.

One aspect of the trip was less annoying than I expected. See, there is a United non-stop, but I didn't want to spend 4 hours on a regional jet. So I flew American via DFW and I was dreading that since I have no status on them. It turns out that I still got boarding group 1, though I am not sure whether that is because of my AA credit card or whether it had something to do with the corporate travel agent. And, even better, the flights were fairly empty so I had aisle seats with empty middle seats next to me on both legs. However, there is no entertaiment system on the S80, nor is there a power port at the seat. So there are no additions to my airborne film festival.

It turns out that DFW is a nicer airport than I remembered, with one exception. I had an excellent dinner at Urban Taco and used the free wifi. The exception was the spacing of restrooms, which are only about every 15 gates, unlike most airports where they are about every 5 gates.

I use car rentals to check out cars I haven't driven before. I am not sure the Kia Soul qualifies as a car. It's a boxy half-SUV crossover sort of thing. It's not bad to drive, actually, but it is remarkably ugly. It also took me surprisingly long to figure out that there's a switchblade type key. That is, you have to press a button on the key fob for the key to pop out.

I also feel obliged to point out to the TownePlace Suites by Marriott that, technically, having a kitchenette (fridge, two burner stove, microwave, and sink) along the entryway across from the closet does not qualify as a separate room. And a separate room is the definition of a suite. (This is purely a linguistic rant, as I don't actually care about having a suite.) I am also wondering why the closet has two entrances - one from that entryway and one from the bathroom.
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