fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

On the first day of Holidailies ...

I am already posting a sort of cop-out entry. It's still yesterday in Los Angeles, where I am for the weekend, but it is just after midnight at home. I had an okay flight, given that Continental dba United has pretty much no widebodies left between IAD and LAX. I suppose I should be grateful that they haven't tried flying that route with a regional jet yet. I still hate bulkhead seats, particularly being at a window that has a lot of leg room cut off by the shape of the door. If I were missing my left leg, it would be comfortable. But, if I were missing my left leg, I am reasonably sure I would not be allowed to sit there, since it's an exit row.

At any rate, the flight was tiring enough that I skipped the party tonight. I am sure somebody else is happy to enjoy the one G&T I'd have had.

And I see the hotel internet blocks Holidailies, so I can't post this to the portal yet.

I swear I will write more interesting things as the month wears on.
Tags: holidailies, travel

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