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Catch-up Part 3: A Lot of Storytelling

I should mention that I am signed up for Holidailies, which will force me to get some catching up here done. It will also be a challenge with the amount of travel I have set up in December, but challenge is good, right?

Anyway, the storytelling I neglected to write about started in mid-October with other people telling. Ellouise Schoettler produces a series in Friendship Heights and she and Jessica Piscitelli Robinson told stories in mid-October on the theme of "Seeing Red." Jessica's piece was a cautionary tale of her experience as a landlord, while Ellouise found revenge on a junior high tormentor.

Then, on the 20th of October, was Darkness Comes Early, the pre-Halloween concert by Voices in the Glen. I had selected the tellers (a pretty easy job) and arranged the order of stories and done some of the PR, so I had a big stake in this. We had a very good turn-out, but I think most of the credit for that goes to the Folklore Society of Greater Washington, which had featured the event on the front page of their newsletter and done the rest of the PR. I told my version of La Llorona, which mutated some from what I had thought it would be when I started working on it. It was reasonably successful but not really where I want it to be yet. The process of adaptation deserves its own entry and I promise I will write that one soon.

The biggest event I was producing was on October 27th, when the Virginia Storytelling Alliance did our annual Saturday Series event at the Lorton Workhouse Arts Center. The turnout was less than I'd hoped, particularly for the workshops, and we lost money. But the feedback on the workshops was generally positive and the concert turn-out was fairly good. We are contemplating a different venue for next year. I am also thinking about modifying the format as there are not enough attendees to offer quite so many workshops.

I was able to relax for Tellabration (on November 17th), which we did at the Langley Hills Friends Meeting House. It was a lovely setting and we had a good mix of stories. (I told "The Neglected Princess," an original fairy tale that came about partly from an article in Smithsonian and partly out of a few things that have always bothered me about princesses in fairy tales.)

So what's on the horizon? I'm working on a story about holidays for Better Said Than Done on December 15th. And I am trying to organize a storytelling benefit for the library in my home town, which was badly damaged by Hurricane Sandy. The biggest challenge on that is finding the right venue. I have some feelers out, but am waiting to hear back from a couple of places.
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