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Quarterly Update with Pixies

I did come very close to completing one goal over the past few months. Namely, my postcard collection is about 90% sorted out. It would have been completely done, but I found another stack after I thought I was finished.

I am trying to work on travelogues and slightly stalled on sorting through photos. But I think I will actually get a bunch of that done this weekend, so I might get a couple written before the end of the year.

I have made progress on the Apocrypha, with just the Maccabees left. I am, however, intimidated by those 70 or so pages. I have to just buckle down and do it.

The knitting hasn't had as much attention, though I did knit about 4 rows of the socks last weekend. I am, as usual, not finding time to work on the projects that take actual attention, sigh.

Walking and dancing have been on hold, due to a foot injury. It is getting better, but not as fast as I'd like. And I've had to reschedule the doctor three times due to work conflicts. Sigh.

Speaking of work, I mentioned the change in our payroll deductions for charitable contributions. In the end, I decided to be a good corporate citizen and donate a nominal amount (a buck a week) to WAMU, the better of our local NPR stations. (I have refused to donate to WETA since they changed their format and got rid of all of the local programming I actually cared about.)

In other news, storytelling went okay last weekend. The piece I told (which is almost new - I had told it once before, but revised it heavily for this) wasn't quite where I want it to be, but I didn't completely suck either. You can judge for yourself, actually, as it was recorded. Here's the video:

Now I can turn my storytelling attention to my adaptation of La Llorona, which I am telling at Darkness Comes Early, our pre-Halloween concert on October 20th. My concept is to have her story told by one of the other women in her village, with the focus on La Llorona revenging herself on the women who didn't help her when her husband abused her. The idea is to focus on what turned her into a monster. I am very excited about this approach to the story.

Finally, I went to see One Night With Janis Joplin at Arena Stage the other night. Mary Bridget Davies does a good job of singing like Janis, but I was actually more impressed with Sabrina Elayne Carten, who played a variety of blues singers who influenced Janis (e.g. Odetta, Bessie Smith, Big Mama Thornton). Overall, the music was fine, but I wish the show told me more about Janis Joplin than that she got a thrill from performing. That superficial treatment is exactly why I am not a big fan of jukebox musicals. Give me some narrative!
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