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Catch-up Part 2: Meals, Ceremony, Baseball and NYC

Jaleo: When I got home, I had just one day with nothing going on. Then I had a last minute dinner invitation as a friend from flyertalk was in town last minute and wanted company. We had an excellent meal of cheap wine and cheap tapas at Jaleo in Crystal City. The happy hour menu is limited but there was enough variety for us. And, of course, I always enjoy travel talk.

Ceremony: A colleague was retiring from the Air Force, so I got one of my periodic doses of ceremony out of it. He went somewhat all out with that, including a flag-folding ceremony, for example. I should also note that it is interesting to go to things at the Women's Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery in business attire and be surrounded by tourists in shorts and t-shirts.

Nationals: My last Nationals tickets of the year were promising, as Stephen Strasburg was pitching. Alas, he performed poorly, giving up 5 runs in 3 innings before they pulled him. The game was pretty exciting overall, as the score was up and down and there were both excellent and appalling fielding plays on both sides at various times. In the end, the Marlins won in the 11th. (The Nats remain in first, by the way.)

I should add that, as much as I find things like the Presidents' Race annoying, I like the theory that they will finally let Teddy win at the World Series. Assuming, that is, they make it there.

Closer Than Ever: My trip up to New York was for a summer camp reunion, but I leveraged it off it to go to the theatre. Specifically, I went to see York Theatre's revival of Maltby and Shire's revue, Closer Than Ever. This was enjoyable and, while there isn't any actual narrative, the songs do tell real stories. The performances were strong, especially by Anika Larsen who did a notable job with "Miss Byrd." I am particularly fond of the song "Fathers of Fathers," which ended up stuck in my head for a solid week. I do, however, have qualms about the wisdom of rhyming Florida, corridor, and horrider (in "Doors.")

Ein Harod reunion: We talked about camp. It was entertaining. I was, alas, too tired to stay all that late, which is what I get for going to a baseball game the night before and getting up early to take the train up.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art: I don't think I had been to the Met since I was in high school. It is, of course, impossible to see the whole thing in the five or so hours I had available. So I focused on a few areas. I like classical (especially Greek) sculpture, for example. I was disappointed in a special exhibit on "The Rylands Haggadah: Medieval Jewish Art in Context," which was both smaller and less Jewish than I expected. I was more satisfied with "Naked Before the Camera," which explored the history and reactions to nude photographs.

My favorite section of the museum is the art of Oceania and I spent a lot of time looking at works from New Guinea and Vanuatu and came to the conclusion that I need to go to parts of Indonesia. I also went to the Temple of Dendur in the Egyptian section, which is less creepy than I'd remembered it being. And I browsed the museum shop but did not buy anything.

Other Food Pornography: Second Avenue Deli. Chopped liver. Enough said.
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