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Quarterly Update

I have a bunch of catching up to do, but will start with a quarterly update, especially since I pretty much blew that off at the beginning of April. Things are going a lot better now. I am never as focused as I’d like to be, but I do think I am moving forward.

I haven’t gotten any travelogues finished, but I have done some work. Of course, I also took yet another trip, so I am even further behind, but I see some hope of finding time to write.

I’ve also made (slow) progress on finishing the Apocrypha and on knitting projects. I’d had to restart the socks as they were turning out yeti-sized, but they are going well now, at least until I have to turn the heels and figure out short rows. I do need time at home to work on the two sweaters that take concentration, as only Frankensweater (so called because of its odd construction) is suitable for social knitting. In the meantime, I did make an amigurumi uterus and that should surely count for something, n’est ce pas?

I found a storage box to put the postcard collection in, but I need to make or find appropriate category dividers. I may attempt that on my way home tonight. I haven’t done anything about the map drawer, other than glaring at it. But I have cleaned out a box of files from the Black Hole of Vienna, a.k.a. my den.

I did okay on dance classes, but am taking a few weeks off, as the summer is crazy with travel. I will probably still do some drop-ins. As for walking, the weather has hampered that. I’ll have more to write on that subject in another entry.

I should also note having kept up on life list maintenance thanks to my Miami baseball excursion. And I have only one Gilbert and Sullivan opera left to see. (No, I don’t count Thespis.) If nothing else, there’s a company in Delaware doing Yeoman of the Guard in the spring.

I will try to get some of the rest of the catching up done in the next day or so.
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