fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Trying to Catch Up - Part 1

I have, again, been too busy doing things to write about them. So here is one of those random catch-up entries.

Celebrity Death Watch: George Lindsey played Goober Pyle. Bob Stewart created several game shows, including The Price is Right and Password. Carroll Shelby designed cars. Carlos Fuentes was a Mexican novelist. Maurice Sendak wrote children's books, but was not responsible for the song "Wild Thing." And Vidal Sassoon gave me the best haircut I ever got. (Okay, it was at a salon bearing his name, not by him personally, but still ...)

Federal Acquisiton Regulations: Skimming a document led me to find a couple of items that amuse me. Did you kjnow that printed contracts have to be on double sided recycled paper with 30% post consumer fiber content? And that live animals are exempt from rules on place of manufacture?

My Workplace is Not Like Yours: I saw a sign in a women's room in the Pentagon that read, "Are you a modern woman with a past?" It turned out to be an ad for the Pentagon chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Speaking of Work: One of my colleagues referred to people performing an independent review of a program as performing "seagull engineering." That is, they fly in, poop all over everything, and fly out.

Cultural Literacy: In a meeting last week, I made a reference to the deacon's one-hoss shay. Nobody else knew what I was talking about. When I rule the world, all children will be exposed to great American poetry.

Upcoming topics: Things on my list to write about include the science festival, 5 plays, 4 movies, 2 concerts, my trip to London, dating, and amigurumi activism.
Tags: celebrity death watch, life in general, poetry, work

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