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Playing Catch-up Again

It seems I am busy enough doing things that finding time to write about them is a low priority. This episode gets me only half-way through last weekend and covers primarily much randomness, rather than what I've been up to. I will get caught up real soon now.

Celebrity Death Watch: The obvious celebrity death to note is Whitney Houston. Her music was not really to my taste, but she was a big name.

Health: I had a doctor's appointment last week and can, therefore, testify to the benefits of fish oil. My doctor was pleased with the impact on my triglyceride levels, as was I. I was less pleased with the cold I caught in the waiting room.

Work, part 1: Passing around a bowl of chocolates does not compensate for scheduling a meeting over lunch time. Fortunately, the meeting in question finished in an hour and a half, not the three it was scheduled for.

Work, part 2: The background on this item is that there are 7 people in my group, plus 2 from another group who come to our weekly staff meeting. Two of us are Jewish. We have just inherited an additional responsibility and about all we know about it is that it involves four questions. One of my (non-Jewish) colleagues commented about our need for training and asked, "Does anybody here even know what the four questions are?" David and I immediately turned to each other and said, "mah nishtana ha layla hazeh..."

Missing the Point: The Washington Post had an opinion piece regarding intellectual property a couple of weeks ago. They used the example of an ebook of horror stories which included two pieces by Poe and "The Monkey's Paw" by W. W. Jacobs and decried the copyright violations. A little detail they might have wanted to consider is that all of those stories are in the public domain, so there was not any copyright violation.

Winter in a Day: I was down in Richmond on Saturday for a VASA board meeting. Shortly before leaving, we had a storm come through. There was rain, sleet, hail, wind, snow, thunder, and even thundersnow. Fortunately, it went through pretty quickly and the drive north was just a bit wet for a few counties (and clear once I got up to about Caroline County).

Virginia Rivers: We have two types of river names in Virginia. (I refer only to things identified as a River. Creeks are called "Runs" and don't count for this purpose.) There are polysyllabic ones like the Rappahonack. And there are single syllable ones like the Po and the Ni. The latter was obviously where the knights used to hang out.

Story Swap: The Voices in the Glen story swap was Saturday night. The swap was, as always, a good time. I was particularly pleased that we had a few newcomers, one of whom even told a story.
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