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Yarn Frenzy

I may have misled people a bit with my protein query. I'm not looking at anything particularly radical - just something to be somewhat more conscious of when grocery shopping and meal planning. For example, I can choose a higher protein alternative for, say, breakfast cereal (or, for that matter, Greek yogurt over regular yogurt).

My biggest event of the week was the change in my commute. We had a nice cushy private bus from West Falls Church to the Mark Center. Key word is "had." On Tuesday, it switched to a metro bus. Not only is it less comfortable, it is just an "express" not a non-stop. Apparently "express" means it stops only every 3 blocks instead of every single block. It takes 20 minutes longer. There is much grumbling.

I did a minor experiment on Wednesday and took advantage of excellent, spring-like weather. I walked from the Mark Center to Ballston Metro. If I figured correctly, that is just under 5 miles, which is a nice distance for a weeknight mind clearing walk. Most of it was pleasant and I noticed a couple of potential route alternatives that might be even nicer. Given that it still gets dark early and I have a terrible sense of direction, I was loathe to deviate from the route I'd planned. As the sun returns, I plan to see what happens if I pick up some of the trails, instead of sticking to streets.

Finally, my knitting group had a yarn frenzy last week and this. One of Tom's coworkers inherited a large quantity of yarn (and related books) and, after keeping half of it, passed the rest along to him. He picked over things and kept some, but he still had 13 some odd tubs of yarn and 3 boxes of books to share. Free yarn doesn't count as stash accumulation, right? And free books don't take up bookshelf space. I even know what I intend to do with some of the yarn I took.
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