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Two Unrelated Topics

I saw Ann, Holland Taylor's one woman show about the late Ann Richards, at the Kennedy Center on Tuesday night. It was extremely funny, though I have to admit to being glad I've never worked for someone like her. Just to give a small sample, there is a scene where Ann is talking on the phone with Bill Clinton. Bill has sent her a crossword puzzle, done in ink and she accuses him of doing that to show off. She adds that she wants to ask him something because he would know the answer. And she says, "if two people are born in Arkansas and marry in Arkansas but get divorced in Texas, are they still brother and sister?"

Tuesday night was also the start of Chanukah. I used to be annoyed about how much attention this minor holiday gets, but then I had this realization that Chanukah is all about the refusal to assimilate. So actually it is quite apropos to give it some attention when we're surrounded by all the Christmas craziness.
Tags: judaism, theatre

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