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And the winner is ...

I bought a ticket to Prague for my Thanksgiving trip. I know that wasn't one of the choices I presented, but one of my facebook friends suggested Budapest and it got me thinking. I have other future plans that involve Budapest, but Prague would be ideal for 3 full days. It turned out to be within the financial parameters I'd set for myself and the available routing was without excessive layover time (which proved to be the major issue with Barcelona). It's somewhere I've never been. And, it turns out, some other folks I s know will be there at the same time, so I have people to go out to dinner with. (They are the sort of people who will not demand all of my time spent with them, so I can go wander off during the day.)

I still need to book a hotel, so if anybody has any recommendations let me know. (Generally I look for cheap and central.
Tags: travel

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