fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Quarterly Update

I was traveling so much this summer that I didn't accomplish much of what I intended to. The next couple of months look reasonably quiet.

1) No progress on travelogues, and I have yet another one to write.

2) I deliberately took the summer off from dance classes. I am just getting back to speed and did make it to Bollywood workout Tuesday night.

3) I'm about halfway through the Apocrypha. There is no reason (other than laziness) why I wouldn't be able to finish this year.

4) I finished the Artistic Heritage program. I need to do 6 more America's Garden events, and 3 more Historic Churches events. I added one of the latter this quarter, but summer tends to be too hot to walk, so the relatively little progress is no surprise.

5) I am decluttering but I also have a lot more to do.

6) and 7) I don't suppose that buying yarn does much of anything to contribute to actually knitting with it.

8) I did submit one more entry to the Style Invitational. So I am up to 4.

Assuming I don't end up doing lots more traveling in the next couple of months, I might have gotten something done this year.
Tags: goals

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