fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

And Home Again

I unpacked, did laundry, packed and headed off to Los Angeles for a program review (and a meeting related to another project). Parts of the work week were productive and parts just reminded me that I really don't know yet what I am doing at my new job. I keep reminding myself I've been there just a couple of months so it is not surprising I am still somewhat lost. (It isn't technical things I don't know. I am still learning scope and procedures and things like that. So I was puzzled about whether or not I should write up certain comments and, if so, where they fit in the templates.)

Then I took the red-eye to Boston so I could sit on the top of the Green Monster and mourn for the Red Sox and have flashbacks to 1978 at close range. Carl Crawford's RBI double hit the wall about a foot below my seat. Overall, however, I think I still prefer seats along the first base or third base line because I like to be able to see the entire field.

Sunday I flew from Boston to Washington via Los Angeles. It was the easiest way to keep my business and personal travel
separated. My frequent flyer friends all considered this perfectly reasonable, while everybody else thinks I am insane.

And now I am home and can catch up on things here, starting with sleep.
Tags: baseball, travel, work

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