fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Trip summary - part 2

Ferry to Faroes was huge, luxurious. Seas reasonably calm.

Found several wool stores within first hour in Torshavn, but didn´t buy until final day.

Also saw pretty much everything of any interest in Torhsavn, plus a day trip to northern Esturoy. Very scenic.

Even more scenic on ferry back to Iceland. Managed to get earlier flight than booked on originally from Egilsstadir to Reykjavik, meaning there was time to see medieval manuscripts at the Culture House.

Golden Circle tour yesterday was just soöso. Ate whale kebab (Moby Dick on a stick!) for supper.

Cold and windy today so doing museums in center and final shopping.

Tomorrow will be stopping at the Blue Lagoon on the way to the airport.

Overall, pretty tame trip, though Faroes were a life list item and worth going to.

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