fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

In Iceland

Quick rundown of trip so far:

- flew to Reykjavik, walked all over city, looked at historic sites, museums, parks, art museum

- bus to Akureyri, art festival not much (just an evening concert I was not interested in), saw northernmost botanical gardens in the world

- tour of Myvatn area (Godafoss waterfall, pseudocraters, lots of steam and hiking on lava)

- whale watching in Husavik, one humpback, about 4 or 5 minkes

- while in Husavik saw phallological musuem, glad I am not female whale

- now in Egilssdatir, heading to Seydisfjordur shortly, ferry to Torshavn tomorrow night

Easy traveling, friendly, safe, good roads, weather not too terrible so far
Tags: travel

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