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Maybe Some Day It Will Be Other than Catching Up

I've been busy at work, which is a good thing, and busy at play which is more interesting to write about.

I saw Guys and Dolls at Wolf Trap on Saturday afternoon. I have often commented on why this is my favorite musical of all time, based on its combination of a witty book, lively and appropriate music, and strong dance numbers. The score does have one downside, as I have been infested with multiple earworms (primarily "I'll Know") for several days now. I enjoyed the production and was particularly impressed with Ben Crawford as Sky Masterson.

But I do have a few quibbles. For one thing, I'd have preferred a fuller orchestra. For another (and this is definitely a nit) Nicely Nicely should have been wearing checks. My other two complaints have to do with things about the show itself. If Adelaide is supposed to be from Rhode Island, why does everybody who plays her always play her with a Brooklyn accent? (And that goes all the way back to Vivian Blaine.) Also, I am quite sure Nathan Detroit is not Jewish, but the song "Sue Me" is. Non-Jews just do not say "nu?"

Then, Saturday night was a story swap. I had not planned to tell anything, but I realized there was an opportunity to run through something I plan to use at my corporate storytelling session next week. There were also, for whatever reason, a lot of sea stories. Mine was not, though it was all wet.

Then, on Monday night, I went out to dinner with the flyertalk crowd for restaurant week. Ruth's Chris is a good deal for this, as it is normally quite pricy. For restaurant week, you get a choice of salads (house, caesar or gazpacho, which is fundamentally liquid salad), an entree (steak, salmon, or chicken), a side dish (mashed potatoes, creamed spinach or mushrooms) and dessert (either truffles and berries or ice cream / sorbet) for $35. The food was delicious (especially the mushrooms and the berries) and the conversation was lively. All in all it was a lovely evening.
Tags: food pornography, musicals, storytelling, theatre

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