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But before baseball, I somehow left out mentioning seeing Wicked at The Kennedy Center. I'd been lukewarm towards it, mostly because I don't care much for Stephen Schwartz's music. But I found the show surprisingly entertaining, with a wittier book than I was expecting. The score wasn't my sort of thing, though I do like "Popular." (I don't, however, understand the popularity of "Defying Gravity.") I thought both Amanda Jane Cooper as Glinda and Dee Roscioli as Elphaba were quite good. So, while it isn't a show I would see over and over, it was worth seeing once.

My more recent outings have been to baseball games. Last weekend, I went to watch the Nationals play the Mets. I chose the game I did because Jason Marquis, one of the better Jewish pitchers of our times, was scheduled to pitch. Unfortunately, the Nats traded him to the Diamondbacks just moments before the game. They won anyway, which was slightly surprising, but it's not like the Mets are having a good season either. Also, it was Jayson Werth Bobblehead Day, so I added to my collection of baseball gimmes.

Then, this past weekend, I went up to Boston. I'd bought a package that included the Friday and Saturday night games against The Source of All Evil in the Universe, two nights hotel (at the Colonnade in the Back Bay), a VIP tour of Fenway Park, a reception with a player (who turned out to be Josh Reddick), and various gifts (a polo shirt, a vial of dirt from Fenway, a baseball, and a couple of other odds and ends.) The hotel, while well located and quite elegant in its way, could use better interior soundproofing. It also had the annoyance of requiring one to move several items of furniture (a table, 2 chairs, and 2 lamps) in order to close the curtains.

As for the games, Friday night started out well, but Lester fell apart in the 6th and the Sox lost 3-2. Saturday's game was much better, as my boys are Sabathia's nemesis and Jacoby Ellsbury's 6 RBIs led to a 10-4 victory. (I was not at Sunday's game, but they won that one too, leading a colleague with misguided baseball loyalties to have to do a walk of shame wearing a Sox cap.)

The tour of Fenway was excellent. We got to go out onto the warning track and into the Green Monster and the press box. I even learned a few bits of Red Sox trivia. For example, Tom Yawkey, whose parents died young leaving him millions, was raised by an uncle who owned the Detroit Tigers. When his uncle died, Ty Cobb became his legal guardian.

In between the post-tour reception (which included getting my photo taken with Josh Reddick) and the game, I walked around the Back Bay with ron_newman. We also got together for dinner after the game.

All in all, it was a good weekend excursion. Now, if the Sox can just keep it up for the rest of the season ....
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