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Before I write about the NPL con, I have some notes I scribbled about other things I meant to write about.

Celebrity Death Watch: Betty Ford was an interesting character, a feisty woman who spoke her mind. Her honesty about subjects like drug addiction and breast cancer made a real difference to our national dialogue.

Sherwood Schwartz, on the other hand, just created silly TV shows with earworm-infested theme songs.

Bears: I don't think I ever passed along the news story about the car accident in which one vehicle hit a bear, propelling it into the air and through the windshield of another car. The people in the second car were killed, as was the bear. That has to be a majorly unlucky way to go.

Today's news brings the story of a bear wandering into the area as a park ranger was giving a talk on bear safety.

Alaska men While I was in Alaska in June, one of the women who works out there told me that people think her social life should be great but "while the odds are good, the goods are odd." That reminds me of a friend who lives in Fairbanks telling me she treated the local men as being on a catch and release program.

Movies: I saw two movies recently, thanks to my flights to and from Zurich. Paul was very enjoyable since the story of two British nerds meeting an alien and trying to save him from the big bad government guys is exactly the sort of thing I'm the target demographic for. I watched Take Me Home Tonight largely on the grounds that the main character was supposed to be an MIT alumnus. Alas, it was silly teenage fare about rich kids with nothing better to do than obsess about their high school crushes.
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