fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Quarterly Update

I should probably write a review of Next to Normal, which I saw at the Kennedy Center last night. But that can wait a few days, while reviewing my progress on my goals for the year is more time-sensitive.

1) No travelogues written, but my notes for one are sitting on my desk, waiting for me to be home long enough to write something coherent. Sigh.

2) I didn't think I had, but the accounting department at the dance studio claimed I made it to 10 classes last term. I'm taking the summer off, though I will do a drop-in here and there, mostly because of the amount of travel on my calendar.

3) I am, apparently, reading the Apocryphya at the rate of 1 chapter every two weeks.

4) As for Volksmarch events, I added 2 Gardens walks, 6 Historic Churches events, and 7 Artistic Heritage events. I have only one more to do in the latter program. I also added 3 capitals (Carson City, Nashville, and Juneau).

5) I am seeing real progress on decluttering. Except when I tear apart the study trying to find a bill that needs to be paid.

6) I should probably find the sock yarn and circular needles and pattern I was planning to use for socks.

7) In fact, along those lines, I have barely picked up my knitting needles in the past few months.

8) I submitted one more (non-winning) entry to the Washington Post Style Invitational.

As usual, I need to spend more time at home. And sleeping. Not going to happen soon, however. Under the circumstances, I'm doing okay.
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