fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Still Here

I haven't gone anywhere. I've just had an annoying week, with too much time at work and too little feeling of accomplishment. (Four hour late afternoon telecons take a lot out of me, even if the subject matter is technically interesting.) I've made some progress on my list of things to do, but only because I went to the effort of writing down things like mailing my brother's birthday card.

Yesterday was the Travel Show at the Convention Center. (Well, it was today also, but I had another commitment.) I might have skipped it but I managed to snag a free ticket from one of the exhibitors. It is definitely smaller than it had been, though I think it was a bit better than last year's. There still tend to be too many vacation house rentals in the Outer Banks and too few dhow safaris in the Maldives, but I admit my travel preferences are atypical. I did pick up plenty of travel porn (i.e. brochures), as well as a few more canvas shopping bags and a t-shirt (plus some smaller gimmes). They added a culinary demo area, which featured embassy chefs. I am still puzzling over why the chef from the Norwegian embassy was placed in the "fiery foods" group.

Today's main event was the annual Voices in the Glen business meeting. I'll refrain from saying anything about it because: a) I need to write up the official minutes anyway and b) it's best for people not to see sausage being made, even when it is a dish as tasty as storytelling sausage. You may count that as my bad metaphor of the day.

Sorry to be so boring, but I am cranky and tired. I am hoping that the time change (and the additional daylight exposure that comes with it) will help my mood.
Tags: kvetching, storytelling, travel, work

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