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Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog at Landless Theatre

First, one thing I forgot to mention in the last entry is that I had been tipped off to the food trucks that gather in the parking lot of the LAX Crowne Plaza on Tuesdays at lunch time. This should be better known to my friends who work in that general vicinity. They change every week, apparently, but if the No Tomatoes Indian food truck is there, I can recommend their paneer tikka masala. (Other options included a couple of Mexican food places, a burger truck, and a Hawaiian-style barbecue place.) There are also tables set up and music playing.

As for yesterday, I didn't make it to zumba but I did finish the squares for the baby blankets. I mentioned my evening theatre tickets, so here is the brief review. I hadn't actually been to Landless Theatre (at the District of Columbia Arts Center in Adams Morgan) before, but when I saw their production of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog come up on Goldstar, I couldn't resist. It was, apparently, a challenge to get the permissions to put this on, but Landless has a reputation for a type of show this is somewhat consistent with. (They are probably best known for Evil Dead: The Musical, which was a big hit at the Capital Fringe.) Not surprisingly, this drew a younger, nerdier, and more casually dressed crowd than most theatre events. The theatre is only about 50 seats and it looked like all but two or three were filled. (It's running through March 27th, so you still have plenty of opportunities to grab a ticket, but I expect some performances will sell out.)

The internet musical is only 40 minutes long, but they made it a full hour by putting in the songs from Commentary: The Musical (which comes on the DVD) in between the acts. Those songs were in a different order than in the original but that didn't really matter. There were other minor changes in them to suit the cast. Most notably, "Better (Than Neil)" was sung by the actor who played Dr. Horrible, while it was done by Nathan Fillon on the DVD. In addition, "Nobody Wants to Be Moist" was moved into the main story (in the middle of Act Two).

Obviously, nobody goes to see this sort of thing unless they are already familiar with the musical itself, so the question is how it worked on the stage, versus the internet. There are limitations, but I'd say it worked surprisingly well. The staging was minimal, but imaginative and clever. For example, the set changed from the lab to the laundromat just by flipping disks on the wall from hazard symbols to pictures of washing machines. I also particularly liked how they handled the van. Charles Johnson did a notable job as the title character. Stefanie Garcia was sweet as Penny, but had trouble projecting her singing voice over the music. All of the performers looked like they were having fun. So was I.

I was walking back to the Woodley Park metro station but the Circulator bus had conveniently stopped just west of Columbia Road, so I grabbed it instead. The route, which goes through Columbia Heights and down 14th Street on the way to McPherson Square (where I got on the Orange), reminded me that I really don't get to those northern parts of D.C. much. I may go out a lot, but it still tends to be to a limited number of places. I'll have to remedy that some time.
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