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Why I Love the Spaceman

I entered the lotteries to win the opportunity to buy certain sought after Red Sox tickets. And I did well, having won an opportunity to buy tickets against the Source of All Evil in the Universe. Except, the ticket sale was Saturday and I was busily playing tourist in San Antonio and by the time I logged in, everything was gone on the one day I could actually go.

In a sense it doesn't quite matter because I had already guaranteed seeing two of those important battles for the fate of the universe by buying a pricy package through the Red Sox tour department. (It's August. Two games, hotel, reception with a player who I am sure will be someone other than Youk.)

The other lottery was for the opportunity to buy Green Monster seats. And, again, I won the opportunity. The tickets go on sale Saturday. I have friends coming over to play with my excess of arts and crafts supplies. One of them is from Maine, so will understand the important of my breaking away at noon to take advantage. Two of the others work with me and have some level of appreciation for how I feel about the Red Sox, though I had to explain what the Green Monster is to one of them. I am not sure if she believed my comparison to the black stone in the Ka'ba in Mecca.

I mention all of this primarily as an explanation of why my commute time reading the past couple of days has been The Red Sox Reader, edited by Dan Riley. It's horribly out of date, having been published in the heart of the depressing 1990's. But it is still entertaining, particularly as one of the pieces is a 1978 interview with Bill "Spaceman" Lee. He was being interviewed by a men's magazine and the reporter asked if he had lust in his heart. He replied, "No, I've got about four valves and an aorta coming out and a superior vena cava and a lot of other things."

By the way, he is 63, still pitching, and just as colorful as ever.
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