fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

How to Add More Stress to Your Life - Winter Edition

Two items are causing me a lot of stress right now:

1) I have a dentist appointment this afternoon. The weather forecast calls for heavy snow right about when my appointment will end. I'm going to call this morning to see if I can reschedule. If not, I guess I will take the bus, because I really don't want to drive in what looks like a major winter storm. (We are already getting "wintry mix" right now.)

2) My office now has a date for our relocation - early September. The transportation situation is still unresolved. And our existence as an agency is also unresolved.

Other things in my life are better, however:

1) I should have passed along this great bit of conversation from Saturday night sooner. I asked one of the other people at dinner where he had been lately. His reply was, "You know the cliche about Jews going out for Chinese food on Christmas? So, I went to Shanghai."

2) I found my notes from my trip to France and Switzerland in May 2009, so I can actually work on that travelogue.

3) I saw Pierre Bensusan play at Jammin' Java last night. I am still in awe. Even better is that he will be back in the area (admittedly, in darkest Maryland) in March. And probably in August.
Tags: music, travel, weather, work

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