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Non-travel round-up

I'm more or less over both jet-lag and the inevitable travel cold, which filled up most of my head last week. So this is one of those random round-up entries.

Celebrity death watch: I don't think I noted the death of Sargent Shriver, who I remember mostly for his having an interesting name and running for vice president. But his founding the Peace Corps was more significant than either of those. I'm not sure that most people realize that the Peace Corps has become very competitive these days. There was a part of me that was interested in it when I graduated from college and that part was completely shut down by my conventional side.

The other celebrity death I want to note is of Jack LaLanne. Since he made it to 96, I guess there is something to be said for that exercise thing.

Newspaper news: The Washington Post has redesigned their Sunday edition. The main change was to split out Arts & Style into two sections, with the new Sunday Style section in a tabloid format. I'm actually pleased with that change since it means that the Style Invitational is back in the Sunday paper where it rightfully belongs, instead of relegated to Saturday. As long as the Post still has two crosswords to do, I'll stay reasonably content.

Now, if they could only do something about the Travel section (which is incredibly bland) and actually write about the news ...

Storytelling: I drove down to Charlottesville Saturday for a VASA board meeting. It's going to be an interesting few years. My major soapbox is that we need to do things further in advance.

Food pornography: I made it back in good time to change clothes and head into the city for a restaurant week dinner with the flyertalk crowd at Ten Penh. I had spring rolls, seared tuna, and green tea cake with lemon for dessert. All was very good. The real highlight, however, was the cocktail I had. Called a Bombay fissure, it had gin, pineapple water, grenadine, and orange bitters and was served over dry ice, making it bubble.

Decluttering:I decided to dump out the box of shame to go through it. That was a mistake, as I am now overwhelmed by its contents. Sigh. I did, however, throw out things like hotel bonus offers from last March.
Tags: celebrity death watch, decluttering, food pornography, news, storytelling

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