fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

A Couple of Family Things

All the family drama is in locked entries, but there are a couple of things I can post publicly.

Actual Conversation with my Mom:

Mom: I saw this PBS show about Sondheim last night. There was one duet that was unforgettable.

Me: What song and who sang it?

Mom: I can't remember.

Some Insight into my Father:

Dad (A"H) actually took notes at his high school graduation (Detroit Central High, class of 1950). Admittedly, he was 20 years old and had gone through high school in 2 1/2 years. after not having been in school since he was about 13. Anyway, the address was given by Wendling H. Hastings, Pastor of the Fort Street Presbyterian Church, and Dad wrote down the following "Points from Address:"

1. Think about the things that are true.
2. Be honest.
3. Think justly and fairly.
4. Think thoughts that are lovely.
5. Think purely.
6. Think thoughts that are positive.

I believe that he did mostly live up to these. I think they're still good advice.
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