fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Catch-up Time!

1) The major case of accidental death among hunters is falling out of trees. Personally, I suspect there is usually beer involved.

2) I am a bad influence. One of the guys from my company took a quick trip to Hawaii to maintain his United Premier Executive status. Over on Flyer Talk, we call that a "mileage run." And the guy who has the office next to mine went to Brazill for the weekend.

3) The only place I went over the weekend was Silver Spring for a story swap. It was a particularly good one, with a lot of people there and a wide range of stories. Jane's rendition of the story about why coyote has a puckered anus was a particular highlight.

4) Dear amazon.com: If somebody buys a Red Sox calendar, it is probably because they are a Red Sox fan. Sending them email every couple of days about the availability of calendars featuring other baseball teams is annoying.

5) Dear Washington Jewish Film Festival: It would have been nice if the film about Jews and baseball were on when Robert is going to be here, as that would easily top the list of possible entertainment events to go to. I will go see the film anyway, of course, but you could have sold two tickets, not just one.

6) I made a vegan version of sausage stew last night. Smoked sausage style soy sausage, vegan beef-flavored broth, potatoes, carrots, onions, seasoned with all-spice and bay leaf. It was reasonably good, but too obvious to be a keeper.

7) I'm not sure what I think of the proposal for one-way trips to Mars. I do know that I won't be signing up for one.

8) I'm sorry to see the parent / child teams eliminated from The Amazing Race. I was surprised that Michael and Kevin blew it by incurring penalties, instead of failing at a physical challenge. I was more surprised at how misled teams were by maps in Oman. And isn't Chad the luckiest bastard on the planet? I was so hoping that oversleeping would get rid of him and Stephanie.
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