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More on Advisors

Fortunately, the Washington Post had an article (found via a Google search) on who is advising whom.

Clinton gets a plus for having Madeleine Albright, but has three serious minuses. Those are Samuel Berger, Richard Holbrook, and, especially, Strobe Talbot. Basically, she's got high profile folks from her husband's administration.

Obama has Zbigniew Brzezinski, who I have mixed feelings about. But, overall, his list of advisors seem to have a broader focus. My point is that we don't know where the emerging foreign policy crises will be and the tendency to focus entirely on the Mideast is a huge mistake.

By the way, John Edwards had two military advisors who are retired Air Force generals I have some personal knowledge of. Namely, Gen Les Lyles and Gen "Speedy" Martin. So he was probably the only candidate who had anybody telling him about military space issues.

So, unless something serious happens in the next 48 or so hours to change my mind, Barack Obama will get my vote on Tuesday morning.
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