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Odds and Ends

I am heading off to IAH this evening to start my participation in Starmega DO 2, which I am way too excited about. So here are some quick notes before I go.

1) I am happy that the Giants won the World Series. San Francisco is more of a baseball town than suburban Dallas, so let them have a nice party.

2) The Congressional race in my district is still too close to call. I am hoping (and somewhat expecting) Connolly to pull it out, but we may well have a recount mess that will linger for weeks.

3) The big celebrity death watch item of the week is Ted Sorenson, JFK's speechwriter. But I also want to mention John Olsson, who founded the late, lamented Olsson's Books. Up until the local chain's bankruptcy a couple of years ago (largely due to rising rents), it was a good place for me to drop some cash on my lunch hour.

4) The police in Fairfax County cited a woman who was walking her fox on Halloween. The fox was dressed in a skeleton costume and one would hope that the citation was for humiliating an animal. But it turns out that merely keeping a wild animal as a pet is the problem ehre. Once you can get the permits to do that, you can humiliate it however you please.

5) In the amusing things heard at work category, a launch delay is being attributed to a "holiday seeking rocket," i.e. one that will interfere with somebody's holiday plans. And a plan for a deep space launch involves the satellite in question "stopping at the space station for a potty break."

6) Re: The Amazing Race, I was very surprised that the music challenge proved so much harder than the film challenge. Admittedly, all those pianos in the same room was cacophonous, but two of the three pieces were ones I instantly recognized and could have identified by the sheet music alone. I guess none of the contestants are fans of 19th century Russian classical music?
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