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Schedule Dilemmas

If we only had teleportation, these situations would be much easier to deal with. But I am constrained by current technology.

1) I am taking a redeye home from the left coast on the evening of November 5th. I'll get to IAD about 7 a.m. Which is fine since the reason for taking the redeye back is that I have tickets to a show at the Kennedy Center at 7:30 p.m.

The dilemma comes in because the 6th is also the day of the VASA Saturday Storytelling Series in Lorton. I will miss the evening concert, but I can make it to the daytime workshops. The tricky question is whether I should attempt to go for the whole daytime part or just a little of it. Right now I am leaning towards doing two workshops or, more precisely, the afternoon (1 p.m.) workshop and the story swap which follows it. The afternoon swap is scheduled to end about 4:15 and it is, theoretically, about a half hour drive home, so I that should give me plenty of time.

2) The thornier dilemma involves Gilbert and Sullivan. One of my life list goals involves seeing every G&S operetta. I don't count Thespis since it was lost and whatever productions there are of it are attempted restorations with dubious origins. But I do count Utopia Limited which is not performed very often.

The dilemma is that the New York Gilbert and Sullivan players are performing Utopia Limited for one night only at Symphony Space. It is November 21st and I don't actually have anything on my calendar that day. The problem is that it's a Sunday and I do have a commitment on that Saturday night. Going up on Sunday is no problem, as the show is at 5 p.m., but a train back here that night afterwards would get in after the metro stops running, meaning a very pricy cab ride home. I could come back in the morning. In fact, there is a 3 a.m. train which would work. But what would I do between the end of the show and when the train leaves, which is hardly enough time to make a hotel room worthwhile?

I could, in theory, fly and an early flight in the morning would be okay, but the fares are rather absurdly high right now.

Complicating things further, I am going up to NY later that week anyway, since my mother coerced me into a Thanksgiving visit. So coing into work late on Monday is something of a non-starter, especially since that week is traditionally a very hectic one here, with a high probability of lots of last minute reviews of lengthy budget documents.
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