fauxklore (fauxklore) wrote,

Quarterly Update

With just three months left in the year, it's time to get a little panicky about actually accomplishing the goals I set for the year.

1) I have made no progress at all on any writing projects. I think about them, but I just never sit down long enough to produce anything worth reading. In the case of travelogues, my specific block has to do with selecting photos. There are some related projects I will need to work on there, but not this year.

2) I was doing well on going to dance classes until the summer term, when I only made it five times. I have, however, already made it three times so far this term (which runs until November 22nd) so I think I am getting back on track.

3) As mentioned in June, I did finish the Volksmarch cemetery program.

4) I'm up to about p. 40 (out of 200 some odd) of the Apocrypha, so it is unlikely I will finish this calendar year. But it is not impossible.

5) I did make it to the remaining major league ballparks and, hence, finish off a life list item. Yay me!

6) I went on a blitz of cleaning out clippings and threw out far more than 10 recipes. And I tried one new one, though it was an entirely trivial one for a drink made with hot tea and ginger liqueur. Seeing as how that damn bottle of ginger liqueur has followed me around for roughly 30 years, I am counting that. I have not, however, sunk to counting the recipe for ginger snow which consists entirely of pouring ginger liqueur over crushed ice.

7) I am not even entirely sure where any of my unfinished needlepoint or embroidery projects are. I know they are in my den, but there is a reason I refer to my den as the black hole of Vienna. However, I think the crocheted coral makes up in coolness any lack of progress on other craft related goals.

8) Does filing away two folders (which I did go through before sticking them in the filing cabinet) count as organizing my household files?

9) I've done nothing about consolidating my web pages.

10) The conference briefcase which I claimed was too small in June is actually working well as an interim solution, but I am still thinking that the long term solution will be a backpack that is in between the sizes of the backpacks I own right now.

11) I was doing well with using the reusable grocery bags until I used them to carry things home from a used bookstore a few weeks ago. I keep forgetting to put them back in my car.

12) Since I have been busily not writing, I have also not been completing a draft of my brilliant fringe show, the subject of which I keep vacillating on.

That makes for 2 out of 12 goals done, with partials on 5 and nothing on 5. I doubt that October will turn that around as my calendar has about as much open space as there are in a target shot upon by a blind man. The use of that bad an analogy suggests something about why I have not been getting any writing done.
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