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After reading the news story about Curt Schilling's shoulder (which probably means the end of his career), I went to the Red Sox home page. And I've missed the dates for entering the lottery for the right to buy tickets at Fenway against the Source of All Evil in the Universe.

On top of which, the only nonstop evening flight between Orlando and Huntsville for an upcoming business trip is booked, meaning that I will have an annoyingly long layover in either Atlanta or Charlotte. Given my company's travel agent, probably the latter. Said travel agent also once again did not put my frequent flyer number in on a reservation (for a different trip). And United doesn't let you do that on their web site other than when you check in (at which point the odds of getting a decent seat are greatly diminished), requiring a call to their customer service folks.

I'm also waiting for seven different people to return important work-related emails or phone calls.

This has not been a great day.
Tags: baseball, kvetching, travel, work

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