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Noises Off

Getting back to my usual too much to do, I went to see Noises Off at the Keegan Theatre on Friday night. They use an interesting little theatre over on Church Street, off Dupont Circle. I assume the building is a converted townhouse, as the block is pretty much residential. They mostly do Irish plays and apparently have some sort of relationship with the Embassy of Ireland.

Noises Off involves a theatre company putting on a production of a farce called "Nothing On." There are a lot of complications from the relationships between the members of the company and they get in the way of the performances. The first act covers the dress rehearsal. Act 2 is a matinee about a month later, while the final act is a Saturday night another 6 weeks on, at which point the actors and staff are about ready to kill one another.

The show gets funnier as it progresses, which is as it should be with farce. Overall, I prefer my comedy less broad, but I still laughed plenty at this.

As for the performances, I thought Brianna Letourneau as vapid Brooke Ashton was particularly notable. I also found Robert Leembruggen quite convincing as Selsdon.

All in all, it was worth seeing, especially as I was using a discount ticket from Goldstar.
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